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There are few countries in the world more difficult to immigrate to than the United States. You may desperately want to become a citizen, but how you personally feel is not of much interest to U.S. immigration. You are one of thousands and the only way you can hope to be successful is by meeting [..]

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Real Estate

For many people real estate transactions are a very big deal. Unless you are a real estate investor or a developer, the buying or selling of your house or property is probably one of the largest transactions you have ever made. This means there is a lot of risk involved and probably a lot of [..]

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China Law Practice

The managing partner, Michael X. Tang, graduated from Top-tier law schools in China in early 1990s. He passed the Chinese Bar Exam in 1990 and then practiced in China for around 7 Years. Michael X. Tang has wide experience with Chinese litigation and court systems, in-depth knowledge in Chinese laws and broad connections with Chinese [..]

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