Since the establishment in 2004, Tang & Associates, P.C. has helped thousands of clients through a variety of legal issues. With a focus on immigration law and real estate law, our firm understands how to work through complex cases where the stakes are high and adherence to government regulations is a necessity. When you need a lawyer with an eye for detail and a proven ability to make the law work for you, look no further than our firm.

Our office environment encourages the sharing of ideas to meet any and all circumstances with the full utilization of a staff of diverse cultural backgrounds and areas of knowledge. We speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and English.

10-year Successful Practice in Immigration

As a graduate of Shandong University and Wuhan University Law Schools in China and Fordham University Law School in New York, Michael X Tang has personal experience with U.S. immigration laws. He knows what it takes to work your way through the system and emerge on the other side as a citizen of this country. There are few issues more important to your future and the future of your family than your immigration status. Let us help you with all your immigration needs.

A True Grasp Of The Real Estate Market

The market is always changing. Working as a successful real estate lawyer requires keeping your finger on the pulse of this market and staying constantly aware of changes in the rules and regulations that govern both buying and selling. Whether you are buying or selling for the first time, or you are an experienced real estate developer, our firm can provide the legal support you need to protect yourself through all your real estate transactions.

Expertise in China Practice

The managing partner, Michael X. Tang, graduated from Top-tier law schools in China in early 1990s. He passed the Chinese Bar Exam in 1990 and then practiced in China for around 7 Years.

Michael X. Tang has wide experience with Chinese litigation and court systems, in-depth knowledge in Chinese laws and broad connections with Chinese law firms. We collaborate with reputable Chinese law firms in handing tiny or big legal issues. Michael X. Tang travels between China and U.S.. each year to connect people and resources on both sides. Michael X. Tang is reputable among Chinese New Yorkers as an active member in several influential associations such as Confucius Foundation, New York Shandong Association and Shandong University Alumni Association.

brown gavelMichael X. Tang’s unique background endows him with the tremendous opportunities to assist in-bound and out-bound transactions. Tang & Associates has successful experience in litigating the commercial frauds; consulting and promoting cross-border deals. Tang & Associates provides counsel to small and medium-sized business owners in US in regards to Chinese laws and policy.