Introductory Consultations & Seminar

Tang & Associates, P.C. welcome your inquiry / consulting over the phone, in-office face-to-face conversation, as well as multichannel remote video consultation. You can contact us via ZOOM, WeChat, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. We have two types of consultations: Free Consultation and Paid Consultation. In addition, periodically, we also have free seminar concerning various legal issues to general public. You are welcomed to share and participate.


Each Friday afternoon between 1:00~ 4:00PM (EST), Tang & Associates, P.C. is open to public for free consultation. You will be not charged for your legal consultation during this period, but you are encouraged to contact us first to void long-waiting time and delay.

Please also be advised that Free Consultation does not constitute Attorney-Client relationship between you and our firm. The opinion provided cannot be the basis for your next action and our firm bears no liability at all.


Our consultation fee is generally $200.00 per half an hour (each 30 minutes is counted as one consultation unit, even your consultation time is less than 30 minutes, it will be counted as 30 minutes or one consultation unit; If your consultation is over 30 minutes but less than 1 hour, it will be counted as 1 hour or 2 consultation units and the consulting fee is $400; and so on). If, however, following the consultation, we are retained to represent you in the case, the consultation fee you paid will be credited back as part of the retainer.

You are welcomed to visit to our office for a face-to-face consultation, or you can consult over the phone or web, or via remote video conference apps such as ZOOM, WeChat, etc. We will arrange the remote consultation 24 hours after receiving your information. The detailed procedure are as follows:

  1. A. Please fill in your name, email, phone and a brief message in the “Free Case Evaluation” form on the bottom of the webpage, and submit the form; OR, B. Call us at (718) 762-5300 to make an appointment for consultation.
  2. After we received your elevation form, if your case is within our expertise and scopes of legal service, you will receive an email from “Tang & Associates, P.C.” notifying you to “Activate Now”, you need to set your own password to access your case account with our firm.
  3. After your access into your case account, you can add/update your information, send/receive confidential messages, upload/view documents in related to your case, view/pay invoice, and view the case ongoing development. Once we received your information and payment, we will arrange telephone or remote video consulting via ZOOM, WeChat, etc.


Tang & Associates, P.C. periodically hold free legal topic seminars and invite attorneys and other professionals to discuss various legal issues concerning general public. You are welcomed to share and attend.

The next topic for free legal seminar is:

  • Landlord, Tenant and Rent Under Pandemic (click here for seminar flyer)
    • Time: 06/13/2020 (Saturday) @ 3:00PM EST
    • Attendees: Landlords, Tenants (either commercial or residential), and anyone who is interested in this topic
    • Where and How: online via ZOOM meeting. (click here to join )

Seminar Recording 06-13-2020