Firm News

[03/08/2017] Michael Tang helped New York investor makes a $750,000 profit on Donald Trump’s childhood home

[06/24/2015] NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Designates Lunar New Year

[06/04/2015] Michael X. Tang, Esq. Attended Hilary Clinton’s Fundraiser

[12/12/2014] Farewell to Consul General Guoxiang Sun

[12/11/2014] Chinese Judges visit U.S. to learn Judicial Information Disclosure System

[10/15/2014] Our Attorneys Attended the EB-5 Monthly Conference Call

[10/03/2014] Michael X. Tang, Esq. attended the 2014 Autumn Confucius Assembly

[08/24/2014] Mr. Tang attended the AILA EB-5 Meeting

[08/19/2014] Michael Attended the show “I want to perform on the Chinese New Year’s Gala”

[05/21/2014] Mr. Tang Paid a Visit to Laizhou City

[04/20/2014] Mr. Tang Attended a Seminar to Respond to Chinese Tourists’ Legal Concerns

[01/27/2014] Tang & Associates, PC will issue EB-5 Newsletters on a monthly basis

[12/01/2013] Upgrade of Case Management System in Tang & Associates, PC