EB-5 Checklist

All the Personal Information Documents

  • Passport Pages of each family member and investor;
  • Birth Certificate and Marriage (Divorce) Certificate;
  • Kinship Certificate;
  • National IDs.

All the Financial Documents to prove the Source of Funds and Transfer of Funds

  • A completed confidential Data Sheet (Questionnaire) for the investor;
  • A copy of Business License (if applicable);
  • Evidence of assets with a value of at least US $500,000 (including bank statements, real estate);
  • Copies of income tax returns to document income for the past 5 (five) years;
  • If the source of the funds you are investing is not reflected in your tax records, such as an inheritance, or gift, primary evidence (i.e., tax records and bank account statement) must be provided by the party providing the funds;
  • Any assets which you are claiming as a source of capital invested (i.e., assets that are being used as collateral for financing, or assets that were liquidated), such as real estate or shares in a company, must be completely documented by primary evidence. The value of all real estate appraisals, stock certificates, business appraisals, etc.);
  • You must clearly demonstrate that the funds you are using to make the investment are from legal sources used to establish your net worth. This means that you must provide primary evidence of the transfer of your funds from bank to bank. (i.e., evidence of liquidation of certain assets, or loan documents showing your assets as collateral);
  • Bank statements showing funds in and out;
  • Wire transfer slips and Remittance instructions.

All the Investment Documents

If you participate in the immigrant investor pilot programs under regional centers, then you need to provide the following documents:

  • Regional Center PPM;
  • Regional Center Escrow Agreement with investors;
  • Regional Center Partnership Agreement with investors;
  • Regional Center Subscription Agreement with investors;
  • Regional Center Loan Agreement with developers.

If you are not participating in the immigrant investor pilot programs, but choosing stand-alone projects, then you need to provide the following documents:

  • New Commercial Enterprise Lease, Photo of Premises, I-9s, Employee list, Articles of Incorporations, Bills, Stock Certificates and etc;
  • New Commercial Enterprise Business Plan.